The Journey of Baby Lucas & His Incredible Family
​Just a few hours into his ​life I saw the Instagram post that he was here. I was so excited to see his adorable little picture pop up on my screen! As I began to read the caption though I realized that ​Lucas and his family were in need of a really big real life miracle. Little Lucas was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck ​twice and ​some pretty big and scary things were happening inside his little body. His parents nor the doctors had ​any idea about any of it until now.
A Day in the Life of the Kowal Family
It's so enjoyable to just hang out with a family and take pictures with them. Without the pressures of smiling, posing, and getting everyone to do the same thing at the same time, you're left open to capturing the magic that can only be seen in the details. The moments that, as a mom myself, mean the absolute most to me now and will especially
Why I Love Shooting Film
Not only do I love film because it makes me slow down and really think before I snap, but film images also have this incredible depth that you just don’t see with digital. I used to love film simply because of the surprise each roll brought; now I love film because...
What Kind of Photographer Am I, Really?
I can never get more than 10 pages into Click magazine before throwing it down and grabbing my camera. Today, it got me running for a pen and paper (...well, my laptop.) I now have a couple of bones to pick. One of them is regarding my most common type of client, and the other is ...what do you even call the photography that I do?
Where have I been? Babies, MORE kittens, Etsy Shop, and Celebrations
So my last post was way back on June 1. Where have I been?? Well, I think we had both finally come to terms with the reality of having twins when we found out there was something wrong. Around 18 weeks, TTTS
Ode to an Idol: Patrick Demarchelier
Some creatives idolize Anne Geddes, some Degas, and some David Bowe. I idolize Demarchelier, a French Portrait and Fashion photographer born in 1943 Paris. Demarchelier has photographed and helped to make famous the most beautiful