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Meet Christina Wesley

My goal as your photographer is to provide you with those real, heart-melting images that perfectly align with the memories you wish to keep with you. As a mother, it's those little in-between moments that I think of first. I always told my husband that the best gift he could ever give me was a pair of eyeglasses I could just "tap" to take a photo of what I saw at any given moment.

What Kinds of moments, you ask? 

The best kind. Rocking my babies in their dimly lit rooms, watching their eyelashes flutter as they drift away, their fingers playing mindlessly playing with my lips as I sing them to sleep. (Do anyone else's kids do that?) That one. That exact image is one I wish I had in print.

Or catching a glimpse of them from the kitchen as they sleepily climb up the step stool to the bathroom sink, attempting to watch themselves in the mirror as they messily brush their own teeth and sing the ABCs at the same time. But you don't have your smartphone on you, and even if you did, an iPhone with factory settings just doesn't capture the moment the same way I'm seeing it.
And then there are those moments between the “smile for the camera” shots, where your little one finishes her awkward 3 year old smile and then reaches up to place a hand on your cheek, and whispers, “I love my family so much.” That happened. Only you didn’t didn’t catch it because your camera’s self-timer had no clue it was going to happen. It just happened. If only there was an actual photographer on the other side of the camera, preferably someone who knows from experience that kids are unpredictable, so they come to expect it and never actually put down the camera. One who knows that the magic happens in-between the photos you think will matter the most, so they’re prepared to wait for it.

Casual portrait sessions that allow true personalities to shine through

My favorite portrait sessions are a walk in the park, a picnic on the beach, a family trip to the aquarium, or just an average day in your home. They’re on regular days, wearing what makes you feel good about yourself, and being with the ones you love most. They’re meant to capture what personalities are actually like, not their ideal counterparts. Laughs, cries, excitement, action, secret looks, stolen kisses, everyday things, and all. They’re not textbook perfection; they’re real.

growing up with photography & finding my niche

I’ve come a long way in this photography journey. My brother and I started putting proof albums together around 8 years old for my parents, who have been photographed weddings and portraits since 1983. I started assisting them on shoots soon after, and when I went to college I didn’t think for even a second that I’d become an “actual” photographer. All the while, I still photographed in my parents’ business and enjoyed every second of it. After college, while I was working a job that felt all wrong, came the realization that photography was, indeed, my passion. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else other than photography. I wanted to capture memories that mattered, and make people feel really, really freaking good about themselves. For years I worked at carving out my niche, photographing everything under the sun, and once I started a family, it became clear to me that if I’m going to photograph families, it has to be this way. The way that means the most to me. For the moms and dads who are always behind the camera and never in the photos. For the little ones, who will get to look through their family portrait albums and remember the fun like it was yesterday. So that, down the road, they can make fun of their parents for silly outfits and trendy hair-dos, and even further down the road, remember their parents as they were, young and full of life.

this is about you, not me.

Writing this bio took me a long time to do. Not the actual writing part, but the procrastination leading up to it. Here I am thinking that I have to write about me in my About Me page (which doesn’t come easily to most, myself included.) But the most important part about this bio is to help you feel what I’m feeling when I take a portrait of you, your family, or your event. You and I aren’t very different from one another. All we want is to be seen for who we really are, to be portrayed in a way that fits how we feel, and to remember events exactly how they happened. We want someone who gets us to photograph us, and we want to feel understood, heard, and seen. We want our most sacred moments to stay with us, and for time to stand still in a world that moves so fast.

I'm glad you found me!

There’s a reason you landed here. If what you’ve read here resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you. Even if you don’t have a clue where to get started, or you’ve never booked a portrait session before, this is a safe place to ask your questions. Whether it’s a personal portrait session or a family affair, I’m happy to chat with you and help bring your vision to life ✨ Just fill out the form below and I’ll get right back to you!


My name is Christina Wesley,
and I'm so excited to make some beautiful photographs with you!