My husband took the photo to the left, and it might be the one. That's me with my son at 4 months old, and every time I look at it I melt. It was a regular day on a regular hike, nothing of an occasion, but the look of sheer joy on his face from a swing-and-smooch has made this into one of my most favorite photos ever. A captured memory like this one is irreplaceable and priceless and means more to me than most things in life.  Since I started a family one thing has become very true to me, and that is that time is of the essence. The past few years have proven to me that especially in today's world, tomorrow is not promised and that I need to make the most of every moment. 

​     I've told my husband so many times that all I want is for someone to invent eyeglasses with a shutter button so I can snap a photo of exactly what I see, how I see it, at any given moment. Of my son giggling uncontrollably underneath me as I tickle him; of my baby girl cooing and squeaking as I talk with her, nose to nose. The moments that matter the most to me; the ones I want to keep with me forever. (Until then, my clunky camera will be attached at my hip and I'll spend hours perfecting self-timer photos.)

My goal in life, and also in my work, is to help every single person around me see the beauty in small things around them. To leave them and their loved ones with a photograph that will always remind them of what matters most in their lives, and even after their lives have changed shape, the love that will always be there. To spend a day with their family and capture those small, secret moments from over their shoulder that they also wish they could snap with a pair of eyeglasses.    

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Sessions start at $500 and include prints. Customized packages are available.
I'm currently located in West Hartford, CT in The Shops at New Park and I am available to travel.